Collectables and keys are hidden around the level. Explore, interact and fire rockets to complete puzzles. Play custom levels or create your own with the level editor inspired by retro design and classic games

Game Features

- Play a demo of the game

- Explore and interact with the level

- Collect keys and collectables to win the level

- Fire rockets to break walls, objects and things

Editor Features

- Create levels with the level editor

- Load your own custom textures and sprites in to the level editor

- Play your levels and share them with the community

Custom Levels

Download custom levels created by the community!

Upload your levels


Please upload a ZIP archive of your level folder


Bug Report


Game Controls

W/A/S/D/Arrow Keys, Control player

Left Mouse Button, Interact

Right Mouse Button, Fire rockets

Space Bar, Jump

Left Shift, Run

Caps Lock, Auto-run

Left Control, Strafe

Q/E, Look left/right

Z, Zoom camera

H, Show health

K, Show keys

J, Show/hide GUI

Editor Controls

W/A/S/D, Control camera

Arrow Keys/Left Shift+Arrow Keys, Move geometry

Left Mouse Button/Shift+Right Mouse Button/Middle Mouse Button, Select

Right Mouse Button, Move camera

R, Rotate

Q/E, Move up or down

C, Free look camera mode

X, Orbit camera

Left Shift+Middle Mouse Button, Mimic/copy

G, Deselect

Z/Delete/Left Control+Middle Mouse Button, Delete

F, Show/hide fog

Scroll Wheel, Scale texture uvs

Left Shift+Scroll Wheel, Scale on z axis

Left Alt+Scroll Wheel, Scale on x axis

Left Shift+Left Alt+Scroll Wheel, Scale on y axis

Keypad1/Keypad2/Keypad3, Change tool

Plus/Minus, Change grid height

1/2/3/4/5, Change grid size

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Creative Commons License
Paper 3D by Keehan Roberts is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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